The ʻTrade Unions in post conflict societyʼ project funded by the ERDF seeks through a series of seminars to promote a genuine debate within our political, policy and public/media discourse about the ʻeconomyʼ and ʻeconomicsʼ in a post conflict society. At this time of global economic crisis and the literal bankruptcy and socially negative impacts of ʻbusiness as usualʼ economics there is a pressing need for fresh thinking about our economic future. There is an alternative and Trademark and the CPE seek to provoke debate as to that future in the Northern Ireland regional economy and beyond.

Queen’s University Belfast
Peter Frogatt Centre
Saturday 12th November 2011

Professor Paddy Hillyard
– Chair in Sociology at Queen’s University
Belfast, his main research interest is in social
order and control in modern welfare states
focusing on a number of substantive areas:
‘crime’, social harm, political violence, poverty
and inequality. Speaking on:
‘A drain on scarce resources:
The case for the urgent reform of the
governance and funding of NIW
Tom McDonell
– Policy Analyst at An Tasc, an independent
think-tank dedicated to addressing Irelandʼs
high level of economic inequality and
ensuring that public policy has equality at its
core. Speaking on:
‘Water in the New Era’