The ICTU in partnership with Trademark launched on Tuesday 21st of May 2013 our first research into :

The Double Transition: the Economic and Political Transition of Peace  by Dr ConorMcCabe

Northern Ireland is undergoing a double transition. In terms of its political dynamics it is moving from a situation of conflicted democracy and conflict to one where democracy is supported and broadly participative. However, it is also moving from an economic framework that is formulated upon social democratic ideals to one that is dominated by market agendas and neo-liberal principles. This research identifies the key characteristics of this transition and poses questions as to its potential for stabilizing the peace and ensuring a more just society.

Dr ConorMcCabe is a historian and author of Sins of the Father: Tracing the Decisions that Shaped the Irish Economy (Dublin, 2011). He currently writes for Look Left magazine and Irish Left Review and works at the School of Social Justice UCD.